A collection of FAQs explaining "What is this?", "Why another browser?" and a lot of technical details.


Links to live HBBTV applications and more information about HBBTV in general.

... on Astra 19.2°E
... on Hotbird 13.0°E
... on Astra 23.5°E
... on Astra 28.2°E - none
(Last list upate: June 2023)

JS API Reference

JS Interfaces Complete Incomplete Desktop HBBTV
Browser Objects 10 3 Yes Yes Yes
CSSOM View Module 3   Yes No Yes
DOM Core 20 4 Yes ... Yes
DOM Events 17 1 Yes ... Yes
DOM Geometry 4 4 Yes No No
DOM HTML 66 2 Yes Yes Yes
DOM Style 7   Yes Yes Yes
HBBTV 0 5 No ... Yes
Media Source Extensions (MSE) 0 2 Yes No No
OIPF 22 5 ... Yes Yes
W3C File 4 1 Yes No No
W3C Web Workers 0 5 Yes No Yes

Sample renderings

You want to see rendering results for websites and applications we frequently test with? Some screenshots are available here. If you get a password prompt, we still need to clarify a few legal details (related to publicly re-publishing website contents). In this case, please contact us to request access.

Test reports

Some test suites allow automatic execution and verification of the test results. Please select the test suite you are interested in: